Feel less January-ish

31st January 2018

If January has been a bit of a write off for you…. ….I have good news! Its February tomorrow woohooo It’s time to start thinking about what you want to achieve this year   Living that new, ‘healthy’ lifestyle for the foreseeable future! Do you have a good grip on that? Have you managed to […]

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Shaking awake

30th January 2018

There is one day to go to get your free ticket for my ladies-only event Its taking place tomorrow 930am If you are oadby based And you have been feeling stuck, frustrated and fed up with your weight loss With feeling like you have no energy No motivation No drive to change things Even though […]


What does personal training really mean?

21st January 2018

I often get asked what my personal training entails…? Why am I different to other programmes out there…? And HOW do we get such promising results….? So I made a list ;-) What would be involved? We will set a goal so that you have a purpose and a path to follow, one that matters […]

I know it sounds too good to be true

9th January 2018

One of the main topics of conversation in our ladies training groups is FOOD We LOVE our food We love cake Ice cream And cookies We love roast dinners Pies And desserts! And we LOVE finding new recipes to inspire the cooking and appetites of our ladies Because food is important We have to eat […]


One week in

8th January 2018

1 whole week into the new year Where did the time go already? Isn’t it scary how fast time flies by How much time can pass before you realise that you are nowhere near where you wanted to be Whether you are aiming to get fit for a holiday A wedding A birthday A big […]


Cinema life

7th January 2018

Another great lesson that can be had from the movie Jumanji Is the power of team work Those teenagers and their cliques In their real life, were not connected in any way But in Jumanji, where their lives were at stake… It forced them to rely on each other To recognise each other’s strengths To […]

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Don’t run before you can walk

4th January 2018

Don’t run before you can walk January is the PERFECT time to overwhelm yourself with change I’m sure you’ve done it before I’d LOVE to hear your story in fact If you’re reading this and you know that you’re in the same position as last year Heck, maybe you’re feeling worse Unhealthier Unhappier And with […]

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Mindless memes

2nd January 2018

Did 2017 kick your ass? Or was it your best year yet? I love a challenge and I constantly push myself to do more, to achieve more, to experience more But this also means that I get the occasional slap in the face when I fail….(or when my plans don’t go to plan!) But this […]


This life is more than just a read through

31st December 2017

THIS is a great road-trip song…. ‘Can’t stop, addicted to the shindig Chop Top, he says I’m gonna win big Choose not a life of imitation The world I love The tears I drop To be part of The wave, can’t stop Ever wonder if it’s all for you? The world I love The trains […]

It’s the little things that count the most

4th December 2017

Training for us is not just a chance to workout in the gym It’s a chance to share our WINS with the group Whether the win is BIG or SMALL It is always valuable to keep track And give yourself BLOODY credit for doing good hard work each week! This week my members were on […]