Pet peeves

1st March 2018

My personal trainer PET PEEVES #2…. CELEBRITY TRAINING PROGRAMMES Just because someone has a rocking body and looks amazing in a bikini does not mean that they know what they are talking about when it comes to weight loss (especially HEALTHY weight loss) Nor does it mean that the programme and lifestyle that they have […]


It’s not sexy

28th February 2018

My personal trainer PET PEEVES #1…. FAST FADS + FIXES I want to start by saying I am 100% committed to helping you get results I want you to get them as fast as possible BUT so often I see risky, questionable and dangerous practises and strategies that simply will leave you feeling MORE confused, […]

Challenge your direction

Why ARE you going around in circles?

24th February 2018

EVERYTHING WORKS Diets WILL help you to lose weight Workout plans WILL help you to get fit Training programmes WILL help you to change your life Fitness apps WILL help you perform better Meditation retreats WILL make you feel better So why are we constantly going around in circles? It is because we don’t have […]


Give yourself the credit and gain momentum

17th February 2018

Our brains are naturally set up to focus more strongly on the negative things Couple that with our intense social media obsession of comparing our lives and achievements to other people And we have a recipe for feeling pretty crappy So what can we do about it? (Other than reducing or usage of social media) […]


What does personal training really mean?

21st January 2018

I often get asked what my personal training entails…? Why am I different to other programmes out there…? And HOW do we get such promising results….? So I made a list ;-) What would be involved? We will set a goal so that you have a purpose and a path to follow, one that matters […]


Arse over t*t

19th January 2018

I had a majorly humiliating moment in my life the other day I took a olympics level gymnastics tumble on a sheet of ice There I was Minding my own business Walking into my local village And suddenly the world is upside down And I’m on my ass Clearly I was too self occupied to […]

swings, happiness, purpose

How to get REAL buzzed

5th January 2018

I took my nephew indoor sky diving yesterday What a thrill! (I wish I’d booked it for myself too!) I think I have serious Super Auntie points in the bag He got such a buzz from it (Almost the same high as giving him full sugar coke!) It got me thinking We DO have total […]

scales, compare

Don’t run before you can walk

4th January 2018

Don’t run before you can walk January is the PERFECT time to overwhelm yourself with change I’m sure you’ve done it before I’d LOVE to hear your story in fact If you’re reading this and you know that you’re in the same position as last year Heck, maybe you’re feeling worse Unhealthier Unhappier And with […]

You already have everything that you need

30th December 2017

You already have everything that you need It’s quite a shock when you realise this But its an important realisation for you Especially at this time of year YOU ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED You have knowledge You have information You have people who are offering to help you You have a […]

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Where did your willpower go?

11th December 2017

Have you ever wondered where your willpower disappears to As the day wears on As you get exposed to more and more people As you encounter more and more challenges As you have to make more and more choices Your will power (aka your energy + your confidence) depletes If you imagine the whole process […]