You can’t be a good coach, you have a coach  

I heard this from a prospect the other day

We were chatting about personal training (shocking I know)

And when she found out that I hire a coach to help me

She was no longer interested in hiring my services

Do you think that’s odd?

I certainly do

Let me list some of the benefits that I’ve had since I hired a coach

  1. I am more accountable – I do what I need to do, because someone is expecting me to
  2. I am a better decision maker – I don’t second guess my choices and if I do occasionally I have the support there to nudge me in the right direction
  3. I am much more confident – I approach life with a renewed vigour, sometimes just knowing you have someone makes life easier
  4. I have accelerated my progress – having someone else to guide me and cut corners in areas that I was less knowledgeable in has allowed me to surpass what I thought was possible in a day/week/month
  5. I am happier – because I am getting the results that I wanted!
  6. I understand what I need to do to move forwards – so that if I no longer want my coaches services I won’t be lost, I have learned!

What this lady failed to glean before she hightailed it like road runner was that my coach is a business coach to help me in an area that I lack expertise

However…EVEN if this coach of mine was a personal trainer or a fitness expert of any kind

This would BENEFIT ANYONE that I was working with

You would be getting the expertises of TWO coaches for the price of one

I’m picking up the tab for my coach ;-)

I think this lady was just looking for any excuse not to go through with it

And that’s totally fine by the way

It’s not always the right time to start a training programme

It’s not always the right time to change

But if you want to work with a coach like me

Who is humble enough to recognise my own weaknesses and work on them….

Well I welcome you with open arms

I specialise in ladies who are overweight, lacking in confidence and feeling frustrated that they have tried every diet and failed so far

If you feel that you could learn from me

Like these ladies did:

Just apply for a FREE CALL

And we’ll see if we’re the right fit to work together

Nicola ‘coachee and proud’ Rossell

Individual Personal Training