You can’t edit real life

When you are queuing in the newspaper shop

Or sitting in the waiting room at the dentist

Those glossy mags sort of call out to you

One piqued my interest the other day; I generally try to stay away from popular culture

Bikini diets, magic weight loss solutions and the like

Get the body that you deserve

I flipped through just really looking at the images and it struck me…

We don’t know what images are real and which ones are fake anymore!

There is so much air brushing and touching up of these images

Can we really look upon them as something to strive for?

Our phones can even make our own images look better

Apps to edit photos are now all the rage

So when we look through someone’s social media feed..

Are we really seeing the reality?

Or are we seeing an edited version of their life

This can be really demoralising if you are looking and comparing to others

Believing that they all have what you want

And let’s be honest now, we are all guilty of comparing to others

But what if it’s all a lie?

What if you met them in real life and they were overweight, unhappy and as fed up and confused as you are about weight loss


This is why I work on core values with my ladies

Because in this world of editing and photo shopping

The one thing that we can be sure of is our own reality

Work on that

And you’ll be freed from this comparison competition that we face every day

You’ll feel liberated from the claims that you must have a bikini body…

You will be able to accept that a bikini body is simply the act of putting a bikini ON your body


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Nicola Rossell

Advanced Nutrition Coaching