If you can’t bring yourself to change

I spoke yesterday about beginning the climb of your own personal mountain

And I get it, sometimes the motivation is not there to do it for yourself

It should be….

But even I am not immune to the concept of apathy

In fact, the more I learn about health, the more I consider whether making the effort to change and live a healthy lifestyle is worth it

Because it is hard work

I’m not trying to put you off

I’m trying to be honest

Changing your life is not easy

Changing your mindset is even harder


And your mindset and beliefs are the gateway to real long term change

YOU have to believe that it is worth it

Otherwise you will never even take the first step!

Let me share with you something that I learned yesterday…

This was pretty shocking to me and reinforced HOW important it is to embark upon the pursuit of health….

A study was done on 10 Americans, they tested their blood and found it to be laced with toxic chemicals

But these individuals had never been exposed to pollution directly

It didn’t come from the water supply

It didn’t come from their working environment

It didn’t come from the food they ate

It didn’t come from toxic mould or fungus or heavy metals…

Do you know why?

Because they were new born babies

Babies born into toxicity because the average American lives a toxic lifestyle

It is not my intention to scare monger

But this hit me hard, really hard!

If you can’t bring yourself to change for yourself

If you can’t find the motivation to care enough about yourself to want to be the healthiest version of yourself

Can you find the motivation to do it for the people in your life?

Baby Cameron

The people who depend upon you to guide them?

Let me be clear

This does not mean living a bland and restricted existence

It simply means that where possible, with the knowledge that you have

And the means at your disposal

You make the best choices for you and yours

That’s all you can ever hope to do

And all I would ever expect you to do should we one day work together

Take that first step today

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