Body image


The way you feel about how you look can have a big impact on your mood and self-confidence and ultimately can affect the things that you choose to do, the actions that you take, which in turn lead to the results that you get showing up in your life, day to day.

How does your body image affect you at the moment?

STUCK (1-3)

I don’t enjoy the way I look and I feel that the image my body portrays isn’t one I’m happy with.

I’d love my image to be a source of confidence for me it just doesn’t feel possible right now.

SOLID (4-7) 

A few times in the past I’ve felt great about the way I look.

In general, when my diet and training are going well, I feel great about how I look and feel but this changes when I fall of the wagon for a week or two.

However, right now I don’t feel that my body image reflects what I’d like it to and needs work.


I’m happy. My body represents the work I consistently put in and I feel lean, confident and healthy.

Body Image Score: __ / 10

Now let’s go back over the last few emails and tot up your total scores

We’ve covered:

Clarity Score: __ / 10

Confidence Score: __ / 10

Motivation & Energy Score: __ / 10

Body Image Score: __ / 10

Total Score __ /40

Send your scores back to me, the total and the breakdown….

This will give you a real honest place to start from when you embark upon your weight loss journey and the lifestyle changes that you plan to make….

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