Blessings and gratitude

Blessings and gratitude

When is there a better time to reflect upon what you are grateful for?



And I have both this week

Not my own wedding (Elliot is probably freaking out right now!)

My cousin is getting married

And I’m on my way up to Bolton to take part in the Mendhi party this evening

Followed by the wedding ceremony and party on Friday

It’s a long drive which always gets me thinking

Well, once I’ve finished my karaoke session to my fave tunes

Driving is one of those times where I feel completely safe and confident belt out my tone deaf renditions of my favourite songs

And also for just having some uninterrupted time to think about stuff

No phones

No tv

No laptop

Just me and my thoughts

So I started to think about life and made a mental list of what I have to be grateful for

A few years ago, it would have been stuff, I would been grateful for stuff – I never had much stuff growing up and I always coveted more

One of the deadly sins!

Or commandments, I can’t remember

Thou shalt not covet <- that’s the one!

I always wanted what other people had

Because I was never happy inside myself

Years on and my list is very different

It reads something like this

  1. I am grateful for my health
  2. I am grateful for a beautiful family filled with love and good times
  3. I am grateful for challenges in my life, to make me stronger
  4. I am grateful for my pain, because it shows me that there is work to be done
  5. I am grateful for my teachers, showing me that I have more to learn
  6. I am grateful for new experiences and opportunities
  7. I am grateful for cuddles and down time to recharge and restore my body
  8. I am grateful for the education that I have, and continue to pursue
  9. I am grateful for a supportive, balanced partner who grounds me and makes me realise what matters when I am losing sight of things (happens to us all)
  10. I am grateful for my LIFE – and all of the little things that make it up

The wind

The rain

The snow

The people

The challenges

The experiences

The opportunities

Life is no longer about how much stuff I have

For me, as long as I am health

As long as I am happy

And as long as I have the confidence to make the best choices to underpin those two things

Life is good

This is why I make all of my work about this too

I know that I can change your life

I was able to drastically change things for myself

And I have applied this to other ladies with fantastic results

If you take away nothing today except this

Underpin everything with HEALTH and HAPPINESS…

You will be living life

And not just existing, like I was a few years ago!


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