Bina has something to tell you

Bina is another perfect example of a busy mum who was suffering from her treatment of herself

Bina Chudasama

She was totally committed to her kids (a trait that I admire immensely!)

But over the last 10 years she had let her own health, fitness and confidence slip away

She wanted it back

And she joined my programme to find that balance between working on herself and being there for her family

Not only did she find it QUICKLY

She also got some astonishing results

  1. She lost 4kg
  2. She dropped a jeans size and a dress size
  3. And she managed to flip our tractor tyre 20 times

She is pretty amazing

Here is her story:

‘Oh my goodness, before I started with Nicola, I wasn’t willing to admit it to anyone but I felt unhappy with the way my body looked! I lacked energy to do the things that I wanted to do, I was drained and moody which also made me feel guilty because I didn’t want to be that way…ultimately, I felt unhealthy in mind, body and soul!

Since working on Nicola’s programme for 12 weeks where I not only felt fitter, stronger, and dramatically happier, I want to focus now on planning more fun ACTIVE activities with my kids so that I can keep my exercise habits up without taking time away from my little ones! I also now make time for planning meals for the whole family where we can eat together and bond every day, which has been a valuable habit to instil for all of us!

The most valuable habit for me, has been Nicola’s insistence on scheduling in some ‘me time’. Initially I was really resistant, I was convinced that I would not be able to find the time BUT surprisingly, my family didn’t fall apart without me and it actually makes me MORE energised, MORE confident and MUCH happier, so I am also a better mum when I give myself some time each day to recharge!

People have begun to notice a difference in my physically too, my husband and kids said I have more energy and look more toned, the kids love doing little workouts with me at home now, so this whole process has been great for getting the whole family into a more active mindset!

I would 100% recommend taking Nicola’s transformation sessions to help you gain a better understanding of weight loss, not just exercising but for a healthier lifestyle that suits the whole family. Working with Nicola has helped me believe that I can make the changes needed and it wasn’t as hard as I thought because when I looked at the barriers each week and how to break them down, it was quite easy! I realised that a lot of what was holding me back before was my own mindset. Now that has changed with Nicola’s weekly mindset coaching sessions, I have so much more confidence in my choices and how to make the best decisions for me and the family too!

I have enjoyed attending the gym sessions, and actually looked forward to them. It was great to meet other likeminded ladies and can honestly say we had fun.

A big thank you to Nicola for the support and all the advice on making me believe that I CAN make the change to a better lifestyle!’

YOU too can get changes like Bina

If you are simply prepared to try

Bina didn’t sacrifice anything

She spent more quality time with her family because she had more energy!

Are you ready to transform?

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