My big fat money back guarantee

Whether you’ve been reading these emails for a while now

Or indeed if you’re a Rossell Fitness newbie (welcome!)

I wanted to give you the opportunity to join one of my upcoming courses

Being on this email list gives you priority access to a place in the course

We are kicking off on 18th July 2016 – 28th August 2016

The basic premise…

Transform your body over 6 weeks of training and nutrition coaching

Where you will discover the secrets of how to drop inches

AND Keep the weight off for good this time!

No more diets and no more fads!


Lose weight and tone up whilst having fun

AND still eating the things that you love!

Yes, this is possible!

The biggest thing I wanted to share with you though

Is not the great success that ladies have had with my courses before…

It’s not statistics or numbers to convince you to join me


If you don’t hit the targets that we set at the beginning

You can have your money back!

I know that my courses work

I am confident in my service to you

This is why I guarantee it!

You won’t find this sort of guarantee elsewhere

Come and work with a coach who gets real results

You literally have nothing to lose

And everything to gain!

Nicola ‘no more yo-yo’ Rossell

Individual Personal Training