The best thing about being over weight

I got my wrist injected today with steroids

It’s been a pain for about a year

It finally got too much recently

And I took action because it was starting to affect other areas of my life

It was getting me down

It made me snappy towards my boyfriend when he accidentally pulled my hand

It made me angry that I couldn’t do the things that I wanted to do

I couldn’t pick up my baby nephew without tweaking it

The pains from this little injury were spilling over into every aspect of my life

Tainting everything

So I was finally in enough pain to make a change

That’s the thing about us, were so stubborn

And we put up with a lot

We only take action when the pain of staying the same EXCEEDS the pain of change

  1. How long have you been unhappy with your body?
  2. How many times will you look in the mirror hating what you see without taking action?
  3. How many clothes do you have to side line before you stop getting angry at the washing machine…and start looking back at yourself?

You are in this position because of the choices that you have made

Just like me

My wrist hurts every day

Because every day for the last year I chose not to take action and fix it

Don’t be like me

The best thing about being overweight is that it is in your power to change it

If you are at that point where you finally can’t take it any more

And want to take action and change your lifestyle

For better health, happiness and confidence

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Nicola Rossell

Advanced Nutrition Coaching