Best places to eat for more successful weight loss


When you are losing weight it can be really tough to know where to eat to get the best results, so I wanted to share with you some of my TOP PICKS for Leicester!

Before we dive into the recommendations, I want to make sure that you understand that you ought to feel comfortable eating out at any restaurant, when you build your confidence and understand your body, you will reach a point where you can walk into any establishment and order something that suits you and what you want to achieve.

As far as I am concerned it is incredibly important to enjoy your food, the taste, the texture, the variety without feeling guilt or ashamed, without doubting yourself and feeling like you need to skip a meal the next day!

If you have any worries about these things, or you feel that you struggle to find the balance between eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and controlling your weight, then please send me an email and we can talk about things that can be done in this area ->

What to consider when eating out

Ultimately eating out should be fun and care free, it’s a nice chance to take a break from your kitchen and a great way to be sociable, so let’s make sure we understand how we can get the best from eating out without the stress!

Take away the anxiety in advance

Most restaurants have their menu online, so a quick visit to their website should allow you to download their menu and choose something that you like the look of. A lot of anxiety about eating out comes from not knowing what you are going to be eating and therefore feeling out of control, which can lead you then to losing control of your other choices. If you choose your meal in advance, you can then make informed and good choices for the rest of the day.

Portion size

Generally for an average sized woman what I would recommend is basing your portion sizes around the following guidelines:

  1. 1 palm size of protein

  2. 1 fist size of carbs

  3. 2 fist size of vegetables

  4. 1 thumb size of fats

Choose foods that make you feel good

We all know that there are certain foods that make us feel better than others. Using this simple question ‘did that make me feel good?’ you can begin to define a list of foods that are good for you, and foods that are not so good. This is not about labelling foods as good or bad, this is about recognising that you as an individual might find that certain foods make you feel better than others!

Listen to your appetite

It can be tempting when you are eating out to eat more than you need, and therefore push yourself into a calorie surplus for the day. When you are trying to lose weight, it is important that you keep your calories under control so that you can consistently get your body into a fat burning state.

Over time working on understanding your body, you can develop a good sense for your appetite and how much you need before you get full. When you get in sync with your appetite you can get some really great results because you will be very good at only giving your body what it needs!

However this does not mean that all is lost if you do get a bit over-stuffed, if you do eat a little bit too much when you eat out, you can simply adapt your choices the next day and not worry about it any more!


St Martins Coffee Roasters

Lovely food, always presented well with great variety on the menu. Food sourced sustainably and locally ground and roasted coffee! Comfy atmosphere and funky furnishings!

2-6 St Martins Walk



Cafe Mbriki

Cute and petite, with plenty of choices and friendly service. Unique Greek dishes for an international option!

10 Carts Lane



Paul’s Kitchen

Intimate and friendly, with good gluten free options! Tasty steak options!

60 London Road



Grounded Kitchen

Unanimously voted for by my members for their tasty and more unusual dishes and drinks!

68 Queens Road



Wakaze Sushi

Another favourite of our members here at RF! Really authentic sushi and friendly service! Always busy so make sure to book if you have a big party!

74 High Street


Cafe 96 Degrees

Cool cafe with lots of non dairy, and gluten free options. During halloween, they served chill in tiny pumpkins, which I thought was super cute!

42 Braunstone Gate




Extra things to consider

Added/hidden calories

Often at restaurant there are hidden calories that you just don’t think about. Vegetables often come slathered with butter, salads often come tossed with a dressing, and sauces and dips often come poured over your food. These are all small considerations, but things to be aware of.

When ordering, it can simply be a case of asking for these things to come on the side, dressing on the side, dips/sauces on the side in a separate pot so that you can dip in when you want to, but only use what you need. More often than not, if its on your plate, you will finish it up regardless of whether you needed it or not!

Oil quality

Most restaurants will use a low quality, cheap vegetable oil for their cooking. This is nothing to worry about if you are eating out a couple of times per week, and getting a good balance in your other meals full of nutrients etc. However if you are eating out a lot, you should just be aware of your oil intake and perhaps consider talking to a nutrition practitioner about inflammation and how to balance this out in your body.


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