Benefits of 12 week transformation

Here is a testimonials that says more than I could ever say about the benefits of joining my 12 week programme

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Mandeep ->

‘Before I started working with Nicola I felt physically and mentally weak and was not in a happy place.

I had a negative perception of my body and lacked confidence.

Although I wanted to join the gym I was scared to as I thought I don’t know what to do or where to start and I need support, who would give that to me?

Also I was afraid of training in a gym where there were loads of people who knew what they were doing and that already looked good.

My partner then told me that he had used a personal trainer called Nicola who runs a 12 week program for ladies wanting to get fitter, healthier and more confident.

He explained to me that she is a nice person who will support you and work around your goals and needs

 I initially spoke to Nicola on the phone and straight away I got a positive feeling that she may be the one that can help me.

I told her a little bit about myself and she was very supportive.

I felt very comfortable as the gym wasn’t busy during the session and the fact that it was women only really helped.

Everyone had their own goals for example, lose weight or just get fitter.

My goal was to gain muscle and become physically stronger and I have to say that Nicolas dedication and support has given me just that.

I now feel so much happier in my own skin and look forward to going to the sessions.

I feel that I am more confident and a lot happier than I was prior to joining.

I couldn’t thank Nicola more because she has given me something I couldn’t get from anyone else.

This is why I will be continuing to train with Nicola to prepare for my wedding so that I feel confident and comfortable in my own skin

From my experience I understand that when you feel so low about your body, it is hard to get motivated or have the confidence to do something about it because you feel so alone.

But trust me when I say that you won’t find a more honest, dedicated and supportive trainer.

Nicola is firm but very fair and realistic and keeps on track of your progress, working with you every step of the way.

I look forward to continuing to work with Nicola and will be forever grateful for meeting her.

So all in all, come and give it a go, this may be a life changing decision, one that leads to a happier healthier you!’

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