BBT Weekly Check In

  • If it helps, break these down into the areas of FUN, FITNESS, FAMILY and FOCUS -> its often easier to get more clarity and see more progress when you have defined categories!
  • Please explain what happened :-)
    Only relevant for week 2-12
  • A win can be small, medium or large, but keeping track of wins is essential to keep your motivation high and the results rolling in!
  • Pilates, yoga, walking, music, meditation, breathing, prayers, a meal out -> what did you do to take care of you?
  • Time, money, events, parties, mindset, work, kids, family, etc......
  • For example: limited time - is there a way you can prepare a batch meal so that you have all of your lunches/dinners ready to go which means that when the clock is ticking you aren't tempted to order a take out when you get 'stuck'!
    eg: planned to do a big batch cook OR done the weekly shop to ensure that you have enough food OR prepped lunches for work - have you done something to help yourself so that you don't get overwhelmed during the week?
    Yoga, walking, baths, epsom salts, saunas, massages, self care, TLC etc!
    Let me help you build your confidence!