Barely contained excitement for xmas

christmas sled

One more sleep until Santa comes

This is what I tell my 4 year old cousin anyway

Don’t you wish you were still at that adorable age?


Where Santa is real and the excitement of waking up to find presents is barely contained

Nowadays I just think about how many presents I’ve had to wrap up

And how much I have to prepare for xmas day

Shelling Brussels

Chopping carrots, parsnips and potatoes


I should have hired an assistant!

Ha ha

I’m kidding

I love xmas

Getting the whole family together

Eating and enjoying the general merriment

What are your plans for xmas day?

Are you planning a big feast?

What’s on your menu?

We’ve got a full house of 12 people

We’ve had to borrow chairs, lots of chairs!

And get our hands on a giant piece of wood to make our table bigger

It’s still going to be a squeeze though

But that’s the way I like it!

Whatever you are doing on xmas day

I hope that you have a wonderful time

Filled with laughter and happiness

If I don’t get round to emailing you tomorrow

I want to wish you and your family a happy Christmas!

I hope you eat your food without guilt or shame

I hope you make the best decisions for you

I hope you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the consequences just for one day!

Living in fear of weight gain is something that I want to help you tackle in the coming weeks and months

But more on that to come

For today, eat, drink and be merry!

Happy Christmas to you my friend

Thank you for your time and commitment to my emails this year

Here’s to another fab year of love and laughter

Lots of love to you


Great day