Bank holiday opportunity

Bank holiday opportunity

Not much from me today

I wanted you to hear about my latest course from one of the ladies who completed it

If you’re thinking about joining my next intake is starting now

Listen to what Nisha has to say and if you think it sounds familiar

If her story resonates with you – you might be a perfect fit for my next course

Nisha’s story

Before I started this course I felt fat and tired and fed up all the time, I thought I was old and that there’s nothing I can do to change myself and get off the path that I was on: getting fatter and unhappier as each month went by. I felt that genetics was partly to blame but part of me didn’t want this to be true and that I could change which is why I took action and started this course. 

The biggest lesson that I learned is that it’s not too late to change and you can have bad days or even bad periods but it doesn’t have to mean you have failed. I never realised how bad my diet was and that I needed to eat more protein and fibre. I still need to work on reducing some of the sugary snacks that I favour but I am focussing on eating more protein and fibre and its making a big difference to my body composition, energy and health overall!

Some of the biggest changes that I have made in my lifestyle include drinking more water and trying to be more conscious of what I eat so that I can be accountable for my choices.  I’ve also ordered veg and fruit boxes from Riverford because I think that the quality of my food is important to me now, bought some protein powder to experiment with in the kitchen and bought some natural shampoo and conditioner to reduce the number of chemicals that I expose my skin to.

I know that I still have work to do and that it doesn’t stop simply because the course is over so I aim to keep working on the protein and fibre and try to increase the simple things like walking and try and get a better routine for eating and sleeping. I know that this will come with practise and I am excited to see where I can be in another 12 weeks’ time!

I don’t always have the motivation to think long term, I sometimes can see the future that I want and it seems so far away but when that happens I just try to think about what I have achieved so far and reel my mind back in to the present, I do my best not to worry about the future because the only way I can get there is by focussing on the here and now and my actions today!

With that in mind I created a plan of action for myself, I am not sure how I’m going to fit it in with the school run at the moment but I am working it out, so hopefully I want to try half an hour of exercise early in the morning before everyone wakes up. Also, spend more time cooking and being conscious of what I eat.  Get up more during the day so I move my body more and walk to school in the evenings and maybe eventually in the mornings – it will be a step by step process as I make small changes in my lifestyle and with my family to be the best and healthiest versions that we can be!’

Applications for the course are now open

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