Attend your own lectures

Attend your own lectures

What advice do you give to your kids?

  1. Don’t eat that, its bad for you!
  2. You need to get outside and off the sofa!
  3. You need to do your homework?
  4. You should eat more vegetables
  5. You need to drink more water and less pop
  6. You should treat yourself with more respect
  7. Your health won’t last forever, take care of yourself!
  8. You shouldn’t eat so much chocolate/pizza/junk food
  9. You must take your health seriously….etc

I’m sure these sound familiar to you?

My question to you is….

When did this advice stop being true for you too?

When did it become ok for you to give this advice

But not take it yourself?

Why is it true for the people in your life that you care about…?

But not for you?

Do you not care about yourself?

Do you not have any self respect?

This might throw up some odd feelings for you

Maybe you feel a little triggered

I don’t blame you….essentially I am calling you a hypocrite

It hurts when someone pushes on a button that you know is true deep down

How do I know this about you?

Because I was a hypocrite too!

I spent a years of my life believing that I wasn’t worthy of happiness

That I would never get there

That the lifestyle that everyone else had so easily….

Was beyond my grasp

I was a slave to my emotions

And they lead me down a dark road

A road that had no signs of leading toward health, happiness or confidence

Luckily someone called me out

Luckily someone called me a liar

A hypocrite…

And initially it hurt me

Initially I got angry

And then I thought……god damn….they are right!

Things only sting when they ring true

If my words ring true to you

And you feel like you want things to change

Talk to me ->

I am a coach who will not shy away from telling you the truth

The truth of yourself to help you break free of your emotional shackles

Walk the path of health, happiness and confidence with me

Start a conversation with me today ->


PS…if you can’t handle the truth, then we would be a terrible fit to work together

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