Are you sitting comfortably?

The next sentence might sting a little

So hold onto your hat…..

Nothing will EVER change whilst you exist in your comfort zone

Being stuck in a rut and unable to change your habits, usually means that you are in your comfort zone

 (This does not mean happy…..happiness and comfort are two very different things!)

If you are finding it difficult to gather the energy and make the effort to change

It probably means that you are just too comfortable

There is nothing that is biting you in the ass to get you to do things differently….

Nothing that is BAD ENOUGH to get a reaction out of you

Essentially, you are not BROKEN enough to want to change things

Your current habits…..they get you by….(more or less)

They might not be getting you the results that you want in your heart

But you’re alive and comfortable… little will change without CONCIOUS EFFORT


Being alive is not the same as living

To me…..being alive is about feeling the full spectrum of emotions, trying ALL of the things that I want to do….. being able to try new things without fear and work toward things that I want to be able to do (if I cant do them now!)

Being alive, is about existing

LIVING is about truly embracing all that life has to offer you

There is an abundance of opportunities out there for you IF you are willing to cross that line from comfort to being even mildly uncomfortable

You don’t have the climb the mountain, the day that you get off your sofa


Then taking a step outside of that comfort zone that you’ve created (that probably exists of things that you find easy to do……ie the habits that you’ve created to keep yourself going…..TV, Netflix, late night snacking, denial…..)


You know in your heart of hearts whether you are happy and content and in the right place

You can’t lie to yourself….

You can lie to others and pretend that you are ok…

But you can’t lie to yourself

You know when you aren’t living the life that you want

The life that you see others living (comparing to them isn’t wise….but seeing what is possible is essential!)

The life that you TRULY want deep down inside

The life and results that you don’t want to admit that you want

Because it means taking responsibility for the choices that you are making now

The choices that have led you to how you are feeling RIGHT NOW

Step out of your comfort zone today  and have a chat with me?


I’m not asking you to change your life today

But you can make a start by just talking about it

And owning up to the fact that you want things to be different….

I’ll be here when you are ready