Are you letting yourself down?

Are you feeling angry and let down?

I want to give you a thought for the day

That anger is the outfit that your pain wears in public

When you are in pain

It often manifests as frustration and anger, am I right?

The question is….

Who is your frustration, your anger targeted at?


For having no will power and then

….. binge eating a family bag of maltesers

And starting again next Monday

Your partner?

Do you find yourself snapping and sniping at them, when you don’t even mean to?

At your kids?

Is yelling and losing your temper driving a wedge between you and them?

At me?

For calling you out and telling you the truth…

…..That something needs to change

Something in your life needs to change

Because you can’t go on like this

You don’t want to go on like this, am I right?

If I am right, which I think I am

Because I know you

I know how you feel

I know what you think

I know what your struggles are

AND I know HOW to fix them

So, if I am right…

Come to my free event

claim your free seat at that link

And start the process to making a change