Are you just jealous?

Are you just jealous?

It’s a bitter pill to swallow

And I’ve had to swallow a whole bottle full of these pills over my lifetime

I used to be a judgemental so and so

And I used to think the world was conspiring against me

When I look back at how I was

I have no idea why anyone was my friend

I was a mess and I was angry, frustrated, fed up and full of hate

I was a ball of negativity and it held me back for years and years

When you believe that the world is out to get you

You will put up your defences, your barriers

And you will feel stressed, anxious and probably annoyed – MOST, OF, THE, TIME

Over time I learned that the world was not happening to me

It was happening FOR me

To teach me lessons

To show me the way forward

To make me stronger

All of those judgements that I was making about other people….

I was just jealous

That they seemed to have their lives sorted out

They had their house in order

Their ducks in a row

….do you know what I mean?

Admitting that you don’t have that life that you want… is hard

Admitting that you have been judging and living in other people’s business is like a kick in the gut

Because when you admit it

You realise that you have had the control all along!

You are responsible for who you are, where you are and how you feel

Isn’t that a revelation?

You have two options now

  1. You can remain as you are, spectating, judging, feeling inferior

Wanting something but never getting it.


  1. You can be that person who takes action

My event is probably perfect for you

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If you are sick of feeling like this

If you are tired of the guilt, shame, frustration, anger and jealousy

Take action on it, and claim your place at my event today

Nicola ‘green with envy’ Rossell