Are you hungry?

And I’m not talking about feeling peckish for a cookie here
I’m talking about the hunger that you feel for having a different way of life
You see things
You hear things
You know that a different way of life is possible
A way of life where you wake up feeling energised
Where you have enough in the tank to get through your day without coffee
Where working out doesn’t seem so hard (or boring)
Where eating food doesn’t seem so bland and tasteless
Where health and weight loss results come consistently….
Where you don’t muddle through each day just feeling confused, frustrated and guilty for your choices
You know that this does exist because you see other people doing it every day
You watch testimonials and you know that it is POSSIBLE
The difference between you and THEM…
The people you are watching…..and YOU
Is that they are DOING…..
They got hungry for a different way of life
They wanted things to change….and they DID SOMETHING
I have little else to add today, IF you are going to stay the same….
If you are going to commit to being unhealthy, unhappy and lacking confidence
Then this email probably won’t make a difference
But if you are ready to embrace the hunger that you feel
And use it to power you forward TOWARD that life that you see
Toward that life that you want!
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Going it alone is GREAT….if you have the motivation, knowledge and confidence to get where you want to be
BUT…. going it alone can also be lonely and very very slow
If you want to accelerate your results
If you want to LIVE THE LIFE that you can see going on around you
If you want to participate in the building of more health, more confidence INSTEAD of spectating
And watching everyone else….(whilst feeling sick to your stomach jealous)
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Nicola ‘hunger STRIKES‘ Rossell