The aqua park: best thing I’ve done all year!

How are you today?

Recovering from the bank holiday antics?

I am pretty knackered today, and I totally didn’t expect this

Yesterday we went to the aqua park at Rutland Water…

It’s this crazy set of inflatable obstacles in the middle of the lake

It was a bunch of fun but seriously exhausting

When I made the booking I thought that an hour was a bit stingy

55 minutes into the hour as we floated on our backs in the water…I realised that an hour was perfect

We were knackered but happy

This is what exercise can be for you too

Since I started to participate in and look for exercise that I loved

Having experiences rather than forcing myself to suffer

I made leaps and bounds in my health, happiness and body confidence

My ladies only course is set up to be fun filled and to make you feel fabulous

We exercise but the primary goals are to make you fitter and stronger

To build you up and not break you down

So that you leave feeling energised and full of confidence

The exercise is only a fraction of the benefits that you get on my 12-week course

If you want to know more you can check out the programme here:

The doors are open NOW for purchase

If you hesitate you do risk missing out

Nicola ‘lake dweller’ Rossell

Individual Personal Training