An overwhelming obsession

I have to share this with you

The HP play was EVEN better on the 2nd night

Again, I went in with no expectations, no prior ideas

(this is not about being a pessimist by the way

I still want you to dream and hope

But to do so in a way that doesn’t set yourself up for disappointment)

I wanted to check in with you again about your expectations

Your weight loss expectations

I would love to know what you think your life will be like when you lose weight

Because a part of moving forward to get what you want

IS ABOUT goal setting

We do need to DREAM

We do need to HOPE

We NEED these things to elicit change in our lives!

(if that is what you want!)

Without becoming an overwhelming obsession

If you haven’t read yesterdays email yet

Go back and have a look

In fact I’ll hook you up

Here is the link →

These two emails will work together well as a pair

Because whilst I NEED you to recognise that being obsessed with weight loss

And having high expectations can set you up for failure….

I also think its important to understand that without a plan of sorts is INCREDIBLY VALUABLE

Because if you have NOTHING guiding you

Then you will probably get NO-WHERE!

This is what we do on DAY 1 here at RF

We take a dive into your hopes and dreams

We look at what you truly want deep down

And we create a plan that works for you

This is not just about the exercise that you will be doing

And the food that you will be eating

In fact, its hardly about those things at all

This plan takes into account ALL of the things that could stop you in your tracks

All of the barriers, obstacles, and problems that life can throw at you!

This plan allows you to move forward

Accelerate toward your weight loss goals without sacrificing your energy, your confidence or your happiness along the way

Is it time that you had a rethink about your approach to weight loss?

Get your name down for a strategy-call today →