A really brilliant top tip

A really brilliant top tip for weight loss and general healthy living
Don’t give yourself too many dilemmas or decisions to make
We live fast these days and with this pace comes stress, anxiety, worry and doubt
We also end up suffering with DECISION MAKING FATIGUE
Which basically means that come the end of the day….we are so knackered that even the simplest of decisions (like what to cook for dinner) feels like far too much effort
And what do we do when things feel too hard?
We take the easy route to conserve energy (ordering a take away)
So if you can get ahead of the game…
If you know that you are going to feel like that at the end of the day…
If, for example, you can’t change your working situation and you know that your brain power and will power are severely depleted by the end of the day
Get ahead by doing these 3 simple things
  1. Order your food shop online, so that you don’t end up with unnecessary things in your trolley and then in your cupboards! Shopping online is efficient, and you will be more accountable. If you are an emotional eater its a safer way to live…if its not in the cupboards, then you can’t eat it when you’re feeling stressed and worked up (biscuits, crisps, cakes etc)
  2. Plan your menu for the week so that you have a good idea of what commitments you have, and where you might have bigger challenges. If you have a plan, it can always be changed and adapted if need be, but the bare bones will be there and you can simply build on that when needed
  3. Prepare most of your food in advance so that when you come to the fridge in need of sustenance its there ready and waiting for you. You’re only human, when faced with a fridge of uncooked food, the easy path is the take away menu. But if you can have a bunch of stuff prepped and ready in advance, then all you have to do is HEAT IT and EAT IT!
Bonus tip
Have this list of easy access foods on your shopping list every week
So there you go…
It’s not going to win any prizes or be a top share on facebook or instagram for looking pretty
BUT it will get you through the tough times
Make life easier
Make less decisions and just get it done
Do the basics consistently for better results
And if you need to talk about it, click here -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/
All the best