A life changing habit

Recently we’ve been participating in a really simple BUT powerful daily habit

At the end of each day me and my members login to our forum and we track our wins

Sometimes we share them with each other.

Other times we do it just for ourselves

But we take stock of the day and focus the mindset on the GREAT stuff that we have done

The things that we have learnt

The lessons

The mindset turn arounds

We’ve seen some amazing result

Not only is the collective MOOD and ENERGY better

The consistency in the daily habits and behaviour is better

The feel good lifestyle choices seem easier

Finding more time to take care of yourself becomes simpler and more natural

And weight loss progress seems to be accelerating

In the 2 weeks that we’ve been committing to this daily habit

2 of our ladies have lost 4lbs 

And 2 of our other ladies have reduced their waist and hips measurements

The only change they have made is working on their confidence with this daily habit

So there is something in this

The power of a strong, bullet proof mindset

Protecting your confidence every single day

If you want to know more

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