Boost your self esteem (1/5)

Boost your self esteem

And RECHARGE your weight loss RESULTS


I’m going to give you 5….yes 5 ways to boost your self esteem OVER THE NEXT 5 BLOGS

When you make the connection between your self esteem (how much you love and respect yourself) and your choices

And when it clicks in your mind that your choices, your actions on a daily basis DICTATE your weight loss results

You can begin to appreciate the value in doing the mindset work

Building a strong, foundation of confidence, self love and self respect will help you to CHARGE forward and claim back control over your health, your energy and your weight loss



Start saying NO


Saying no to giving your energy and time away to people who don’t appreciate it

Saying no to working late when you don’t get paid more

Saying no to watching that extra episode of Netflix….

Saying no to that EXTRA bar of chocolate or scoop of ice cream

Saying no to going out when you feel drained and tired

Saying no to pushing your body to the limits, when it just needs a rest


How much TIME, ENERGY and CONFIDENCE could you claim back if you just used the word NO more?


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How long are you prepared to stay feeling stuck, confused and frustrated?

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