In theory it should be easy

When you are on a weight loss journey it can often feel like you are going around in circles

When you make changes in your lifestyle you are beginning the process of changing your long term habits

This is often harder than we think….

In theory it should be easy to eat better foods

Maybe eat a little less junk, and move your body more to expend some calories

On a very basic level this is what weight loss is

Burning more calories, than you take in to put you in a calorie deficit, which over time generates weight loss


Habits have been our go to means of getting through the day

We cannot underestimate the strength of those habits and how ingrained they have become into our day to day tasks

Habits are habits because they have been practised, and they are comfortable

You are the way you are because of actions that you have repeated over and over again (creating those habits)

We will often find that trying to break out of those patterns can be harder than anticipated

And even finding ourselves falling back into the same ruts, going around in circles and feeling like you just can’t break free

What I need you to understand that every time you find yourself coming back to the same hard to break habit….YOU ARE NOT BACK AT SQUARE ONE

Every time you loop back around you know yourself a little better

You understand more about your body and your health

And you have a stronger chance of making the change more permanent the next time that you try

We are never going to be able to perfect all of the changes that need to be made on the first go (if you can do this then you’re a super duper hero!)

So we have to accept that some thing will be harder to break through

Some habits will be sticking around for a while

But if we just keep the faith, keep working on it and keep trying to change it

One day with your increased knowledge and understanding (and patience) you will be able to get it!

Until then, focus on the things that you ARE doing well and that you HAVE changed!

And if you’re still feeling a bit stuck….

Let’s talk about it —>>>

I look forward to hearing from you…



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