50 shades darker

50 shades darker

Time to admit to a little naughtiness

I went to see the new 50 shades of Grey movie over the weekend

And we can learn a really big lesson from it

And it’s not what you think

Get your mind out of the gutter! ;-)

Christian Grey is a control freak

He exercises control in all areas of life

And he ends up frustrated, worked up … and in need of a lot of ‘stress relief’

He struggles to react well to other people because he is so tightly wound that he has no patience and no tolerance

Does this sound familiar to you?

It certainly does to me!

I used to be this person

I was always thinking about me

I never really considered the situation from the other point of view

And who can blame me for doing that

We all do it

Because we are all the most important person in our own story, in our own lives

So, we just think about what everyone is else doing to us

And we get all worked up

Butt hurt


Fed up and angry at other people for being slow, annoying and careless

AND…..The person who gets the brunt of this in your life….

Your hubby

Or worse

Your kids

How many times have you been worked up, worn out and ended up shouting at the kids

How many times have you lost your temper with your hubby

How many times will you do this before you realise that you are treating them like crap – because YOU are tired, because YOU are worn down, because YOU are frustrated with your OWN life

I used to get annoyed with myself, frustrated that I had no will power and then TAKE IT OUT on my partner, who was just being his normal happy go lucky self

The only person who can control how you feel ….is you

The only person who has the power to control how you react – is you

And you do have the power

You’ve just practised reacting so strongly in one direction, that it feels automatic….BUT

You can undo it

If you feel like you’re 50 shades of f*cked up right now

If you’re struggling with mood swings, energy drops, feeling like you are on the hamster wheel spinning away and never stopping….

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Nicola ’50 shades darker’ Rossell

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