RF 30 day benchmark review

    This could be in your skin, your general demeanour (confidence), weight loss, inch loss, the way that you hold yourself, your abilities....etc
  • This includes ANY changes that you have made, any measurements or physical changes, any mental changes, lifestyle etc....the more detail you can give me here - the better! I want you to really recognise ALL of the things that you have done SO FAR!
  • Review your 90 day goal setting and outline where you are compared to where you expected to be by now, at this 30 day benchmark stage
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 30.
    Complete the stress test again and report your score
  • Please use this box also to summarise in more detail any areas where you feel you need some more help/focus and why you feel that you are struggling in this area. Do you want to change your goals at all?