I can see through your facade

Why don’t you have the body that you deserve?

You want it don’t you?

I mean you tell everyone that you want to lose weight

You buy the magazines that show you how

You read these emails where I give you the very tools that you need

I offer to help you every day

I offer free coaching calls

I sign post you to relevant information

And I make the content of these emails relevant to you…

So that you can see that you are not alone

I don’t ever want you to feel like you are the only one who is stuck

There are thousands of women just like you who feel frustrated

Pissed off even that everyone else seems to get it

Everyone else seems to be able to handle ‘life’ and get the body that they want!

It makes you feel like a failure doesn’t it?

Allow me to let you into a little secret

95% of women that you see

Are feeling just the same as you

They pinch their inches and sigh


They get on the scales and hide from the numbers

They pretend with every fibre of their being that they are ok

But they are not

And I want to change this!

You are not ok either are you?

Because you are still here reading this

And it hurts

It feels like I am rubbing salt into a gaping wound!

I’m not doing this to be cruel

I am saying these things because I know how you feel

I want you to know that I understand

I work with ladies every single day who feel like you do

And we figure it out

We create a lifestyle that allows them to lose excess weight

And feel healthy, happy and confident in their own skin!

The second little secret is right here…

They do not become happy when they lose weight

They work on their happiness first

And when you feel happy in your health, body and lifestyle

You will lose weight easily

How does that sound to you?

You literally have no reason not to start working towards the body that you deserve

What is stopping you?

Be honest now

I only work with ladies who tell the truth

Nicola Rossell


My 14 day weight loss kick start is probably perfect for you

But only apply if you are ready to be honest and tackle your weight loss demons


Did I mention it comes with a 100% money back guarantee?

Well it does

Don’t hang around

Otherwise someone else will snap my hand off!

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