You can’t see the wood for the trees

15th July 2019

Something that I realised this week was that I was stuck going around in circles   I am a human too, and whilst you might look to me as a role model of sorts, this doesn’t mean that I live a squeaky clean and perfect life….   Far from it in fact   I struggle […]

If it’s not in the house….

14th July 2019

……….then you can’t eat it Time and time again I hear the same story I got home from work….I was tired…and the food was just THERE But the reality is that if the junk food isn’t in the house, then you can’t eat it Save you going out in your car to get it, or […]

Summer body

How to cope with all inclusive holidays….

4th July 2019

…………without gaining a tonne of weight When you are going on holiday, the excitement and joy can be overtaken by the dread of gaining weight from the dramatic change in lifestyle choices We just got back from an all inclusive break and i wanted to share my ideas with you to help you to get […]