Happy Mothers Day

31st March 2019

Mothers day The day where every mother should be taking time off from the hustle and bustle to relax, chill out and restore herself Is that the reality…..? Probably not Most of the mothers that I know run around after the kids, the partners and the dog being a super heroin and generally being the […]

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Your healthy timeline for change

27th March 2019

Over the years I’ve come to understand that it’s not about KNOWING Knowing doesn’t get you RESULTS in your health, well-being and lifestyle It’s about DOING Doing what you said you were going to do Taking action and achieving your results through hard work and consistency KNOWING certainly helps you to make BETTER CHOICES But […]



25th March 2019

I watched a brilliant movie over the weekend It was a Netflix original called Dumplin’ It’s about beauty pageants in America and its got heart warming elements, comedy, drama and hits you hard in the right spot about body image and our assumptions If you struggle with your body image and the concept of self […]

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A little perspective

24th March 2019

I was driving home from a yoga course on Saturday night and as I passed under a motorway bridge I saw a chap hanging over the edge with what looked like his family and the police trying to encourage him to come back to safety It was a shock to see that as I was […]


You’re only human

21st March 2019

Sometimes getting bogged down in life takes over and we lose sight of the bigger picture We begin to rely on quick fixes, fast foods and lose our track on a healthy lifestyle It’s normal…you’re not a failure, you’re not weak…..you’re human Whenever this happens to you….. Take a moment to yourself Allow yourself to […]

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When your friends and family just don’t get it!

17th March 2019

When you are ready to make lifestyle changes, it does not mean that your friends and family will also be ready to change We create social groups around the activities that we enjoy together When you are not bothered about being healthy and losing weight, this might mean that your social activities gravitate towards eating […]


Spoiler Alert

14th March 2019

SPOILER ALERT We went to see GREEN BOOK at the cinema last night I’d been recommended to go multiple times by friends and seeing the trailer, I thought it looked pretty decent We managed to find the time, leaving our puppy for the first time and trying not to worry about her crying (she was, […]

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How bad do things have to get before you are willing to make a change?

12th March 2019

I’m terrible at this….. I know that I’ve put off things that I know need addressing and changing for years!!! Yes, that’s me, a personal trainer, a healthy person, a role model….admitting that I am human (I do think it can help if you see that everyone (even health professionals)¬†find¬†this stuff hard) We’ve all been […]


You are still a good person

10th March 2019

At Rossell Fitness we talk a great deal about achieving goals We work in health and fitness and it IS important to have some idea in your mind of what you want to achieve when embarking upon a healthy journey! Something very important to focus on alongside that is that….. Whether you achieve your goals […]

Challenge your direction

The path of least resistance

6th March 2019

The other day I sent an email about lifestyle change and habit change About how we often feel like we are going around in circles Particularly with ‘hard to change‘ habits that seem ingrained It can feel like changing your ways is beyond your capabilities…. This doesn’t have to be true And it comes down […]