You either win OR you learn

21st February 2019

When you’re making changes and trying to achieve something (weight loss, better health, fitness, more energy …etc) it can be a steep learning curve But you ARE learning Every single thing that you try, you are learning a little more about yourself I’ve been in this business now for 7 years and I am still […]

Brick wall

Remove your obstacles for easier weight loss

20th February 2019

Willpower is something that we have all used to try and force a result   We resist and resist and resist   Drawing on our ‘willpower’┬áto hold out and keep us going   But usually and inevitably we run out of our precious resource and we give in to our cravings, wants and desires!   […]

Summer body

Niche Summer Body

10th February 2019



The Righteous Mind: How your mindset drives your choices (and weight loss results)

3rd February 2019

I have been listening to a great audio book in the car on my way to work (Incidentally, this is a great habit to pick up if you want to increase your knowledge but find you have limited time to do it at home – your commute is your private time where you can do […]


Mindfulness – what’s this all about?

1st February 2019

Have you ever given much thought to your day to day activities? We can be ultra hard on ourselves with what we achieve in a day and really undervalue what we do Which can leave us feeling like we are always chasing our tails…. And always chasing goals that seem to evade us! In reality, […]