Monday morning mindset

14th May 2018

Don’t fall into this trap….


Don’t give up

13th May 2018

  Don’t give up When things are not going your way When you are trying hard but not seeing the results that you want When you can’t seem to find the answers or the way forward… It’s hard It’s hard to keep going because you feel like there is no point But you MUST find […]

Check, tick list

You expect too much

11th May 2018

  I’m guilty of this And I’m going to guess that you are too….. I expect FAR too much of myself And then I get frustrated and fed up when I’m not able to deliver on my expectations I began a few weeks ago to lower my expectations Not my standards (those are important to […]


Leanne Baker: My Experience of Rossell Fitness

9th May 2018

LEANNE BAKER 30 days into training at RF Here is what she has to say about what we do: Diet, restrict, fattening, overweight, strict, binge, empty calories, junk food, rabbit food, stop, can’t, don’t – these are just some of the negative words associated with diet and fitness that you will NEVER hear from Nicola […]