Keep calm and have a cantaloupe

6th December 2017

Autocorrect error Have you ever been burned by this before? The dreaded autocorrect mistakes That can turn the most innocent of messages…. Into something that you would rather forget! I had a funny one this weekend I have been using a new programme to write these emails And it has different autocorrect functions compared to […]


Scaring the living daylights out of strangers

5th December 2017

I was out exploring in Derbyshire this weekend We visited a castle in a town called Castleton (I wonder how they got their name!) Going around the ruins of the castle was really fascinating You can really get a taste for how life was back then! There was another couple of people going around at […]

It’s the little things that count the most

4th December 2017

Training for us is not just a chance to workout in the gym It’s a chance to share our WINS with the group Whether the win is BIG or SMALL It is always valuable to keep track And give yourself BLOODY credit for doing good hard work each week! This week my members were on […]


How to use your dead time

3rd December 2017

AHHHHH sunday, the day of rest If you have some extra time today Perhaps you are prepping the Sunday roast Perhaps you are hitting the gym Perhaps you are simply enjoying a nice walk … Maybe you are commuting back from a short break…. Whatever you are doing with your time today…. I have something […]


You are NOT a failure, the system is failing you!

2nd December 2017

Being a beginner is scary Starting something new is scary Trying out something different is intimidating Making changes in your life can cause overwhelm I was having this chat with a lovely lady yesterday She told me that every time she tries to make a change She ends up losing her mind and falling off […]


Doing this is utterly pointless

1st December 2017

Have you ever noticed that getting frustrated is a completely pointless emotion? I got frustrated yesterday I managed to delete 45minutes of work from my laptop No hope of recovering it (of course!) And I found myself getting wound up And I could almost feel the pull toward doing something reckless and dumb to make […]