A blobbing mess

20th October 2017

Have you got your pumpkin yet? I bought 2 GINORMOUS ones the other day I cannot wait to get carving and creative and see what I can come up with this year If my artistic talents are to be considered It will look just like last year A blobbing mess! I love Halloween I just […]


It cost me everything

19th October 2017

It cost me everything Hiding Pretending to be ok Not reaching out to anyone for help It cost me everything It cost me countless relationships It cost me countless friendships It cost me my health It cost me my confidence It cost me my energy Apparently the price of lying to myself was never too […]


How to stop crying over spilt milk

17th October 2017

We had a pipe burst in the road just around the corner from our house yesterday This is the type of thing that really exposes how you are really feeling How close to the edge of a meltdown you really are This road cuts of the main access to our town Which means a lengthy […]


Perfection is a sly beast

16th October 2017

Perfection is a sly beast I recently started gymnastics training, just for fun And to get fitter and stronger I have a new appreciation for how amazing these gymnasts are The level of skill and control that they have Just incredible! They deliver an almost perfect performance And it got me thinking about how difficult […]


Have you ever done your back in?

15th October 2017

Have you ever done your back in? Me too! It happened to me this week And it sucks! Aside from a hot water bottle and a liberal dose of patience There is not a lot that you can do Except wait for it to heal A few years ago this would have made me lose […]

scales, compare

The straw that broke the camels back

14th October 2017

The straw that broke the camel’s back Do you know what is holding you back from losing weight? From being in control of your health and happiness? YOU It’s hard to hear It was certainly hard for me to hear when my own coach called me out on this too He grabbed me by the […]

junk food

This might sting!

13th October 2017

Do you want to know the best thing about your situation? You created it Perhaps it is not your fault (perhaps it is entirely your fault) Perhaps it happened over years unconsciously (perhaps you have been self sabotaging consciously) But look around you Despite knowing more about health and fitness than we have ever known […]


You need to read this

12th October 2017

I had an email from a lady this week I wanted to share it with you to see if you identified with her plight Her words were honest, raw and emotive I hope that you don’t mind me sharing them with you She beseeched me: ‘Nicola….I am so stuck, I feel so alone and that […]

Learning and education

Attend your own lectures

11th October 2017

Attend your own lectures What advice do you give to your kids? Don’t eat that, its bad for you! You need to get outside and off the sofa! You need to do your homework? You should eat more vegetables You need to drink more water and less pop You should treat yourself with more respect […]

Cold, snowflake, winter

Winter is coming

10th October 2017

Three of my members came in sick this week with the ‘winter is coming’ sniffles Now that the weather is changing And the nights are getting darker and colder Our energy changes…. Have you ever noticed that? We are more tired We have less in the tank And we are more prone to getting sick […]