Trick or Treat

31st October 2017

Tonight is the spookiest of all nights (except friday 13th…..if you believe in that sort of thing!) Are you enticing trick treaters with your carved pumpkin Or will you be turning all of the lights off and pretending that you are not home (whilst nomming all of the candy that you bought in secret) Often […]

Cooked fresh chicken - protein

Not the chicken variety

29th October 2017

Sunday is a GREAT day for reflection A day for reflecting on how BADLY your diet went last week A day for feeling ashamed of how much junk you ate (whilst finishing off the biscuits) A day for laying on the sofa whilst feeling bad about not working out (again) this week A day for […]

scales, compare

You can’t think yourself thin

28th October 2017

You can’t think yourself thin I’m sure that you’ve heard this expression before Despite weight loss being about MORE than exercise and food You can go too far in the other direction You can make it all about theory …..and never get started on the practical Mindset is VALUABLE Thinking and being mindful is VALUABLE […]


How do you release negative energy?

27th October 2017

I know how I USED to release negative energy And you may be surprised at this…. (I wasn’t always the calm, collected human being that you know today) I had SO MANY self sabotaging behaviours that I don’t even know where to begin BINGE eating BINGE netflix BINGE exercise (over training) BINGE procrastination You may […]

Brick wall

Brick by brick

26th October 2017

Brick by brick When I was a youngling (something that is creeping away from me day by day arghhhh) I used to HATE not being good at something right away I don’t know about you….but doesn’t it just suck when you find something difficult I used to get so frustrated that I wasn’t perfect That […]

Challenge your direction

Decisions, decisions

25th October 2017

Oft times we spend a mighty long time deliberating over our choices (Apart from the bad ‘self sabotaging’ choices of course, which are often made in the spur of the moment without any due consideration at all) ← an email for another day I think! The choice to take a stand against feeling unhappy…is one […]


Cold feet

24th October 2017

Cold feet I had a lovely chat with a lovely lady the other day I reckon she was similar to you Feeling a little (a lot) frustrated with her circumstances But feeling brave enough and confident enough to reach out to me and ask for some help I applaud this I know how hard it […]


An easy way to find out if you have been fibbing

23rd October 2017

I have a task for you that might horrify you That is, if you have been hiding from the truth of who you are If you have been wearing a mask in public for months or years (even decades) I want you to go to the 5 people closest to you And ask them to […]


Why not try it my way

22nd October 2017

The day of rest Sunday is typically the day of rest The day of eating The day of ‘slothing’ around And the day of panicking that you blew your diet and have to start dieting again tomorrow! Are you familiar with this cycle? Many many people today will be running through the rigmarole of this […]

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21st October 2017

Denial is a dangerous state to be in Someone once told me that denial had a handy acronym to keep it clear in your mind Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying It’s quite apt, don’t you think? I’ve certainly been in denial But I face the truth now Because I want a life where I […]