Last minute dot com

19th September 2017

Last minute dot com I had some great news today One of my ladies just found out that she is pregnant How exciting!!!! For her and for you Because this means that she cannot take her place in the transformation programme Which opens the door again for ONE lucky lady to grab a last minute […]

Sun light

A literal sh*t storm

18th September 2017

When I was in Spain last week The farmers were spraying their fields with fertiliser On its own, a necessary and innocent action But when you couple that with the storms that Spain was having last week on the north coat The fields leeched into the rivers And the rivers into the sea So I […]


It’s the day of reckoning

17th September 2017

It’s the day of reckoning Sunday evening is always the day of reflection Of another week where you quit your diet on Wednesday Of another weekend where you had a total blow out you’re probably looking forward to getting back on the wagon tomorrow morning Eating a pile of junk always seems like a good […]

swings, happiness, purpose

We fit like a glove

12th September 2017

You and I were meant to be together Got your attention with that one huh? Well its true! If I have this right you are a lady in Leicester who is feeling one OR ALL of the following things FRUSTRATION CONFUSION ANGER FATIGUED OVERWEIGHT UNHEALTHY UNHAPPY LACKING CONFIDENCE And as luck would have it, I […]


The Spanish do it best

11th September 2017

The village that I am staying in, in Spain is a tiny rustic REALLY Spanish village called Loredo We come here for the surfing, but also for the simplistic way of life that these local people have They still bake their own bread every day They fish in the sea for their supper They make […]

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This is what you have been waiting for

10th September 2017

Whilst I am away sunning myself in Spain….. I’ll leave that hanging there for a suitable amount of envy to rise up ? I thought you might be missing my voice After all…. emails are one thing But what are emails compared to hearing me speak to you? From my mouth to your ear as […]


I email you every single day!

9th September 2017

I’m in Spain right now and I’m emailing you because I send you an email every single day This doesn’t stop just because I am taking a break I set things up so that you continue to feel supported and taken care of (whilst I am topping up my tan) This is the very least […]


Out of the loop

7th September 2017

I’ve been in the peak district for 3 days No internet No wifi No 4G No phone buzzing with a gazillion notifications Taking my time, energy and attention in hundreds of directions Our phones are one of the curses of the modern age (in my humble but usually correct opinion) They are great too But […]


We need to talk about US…….

6th September 2017

We need to talk (About us) This is probably the most difficult email that I’ve ever had to write But there is something that I need to tell you And it’s probably going to upset you. I think…. Sigh. I think we should take ‘a break’ Things between us? They just don’t feel right at […]

pull ups

The doors are opening again

5th September 2017

The doors are opening again I wanted to let you know that the opportunity is here again! And this email today is your chance to take advantage of a FLASH SALE There are 5 discount codes available But before we get to that….. Lets talk about what YOU get for your commitment….  ‘So what do […]