I ate until I felt sick 

30th September 2017

I ate until I felt sick And then I ate some more Last week I took my partner for a chocolate making lesson We had a really good time Learning about the history of chocolate (It comes from a fruit you know, so it’s probably one of our 5 a day……!) Tasting chocolate from all […]


Who’s got that Friday feeling?

29th September 2017

Got that Friday feeling? Or is every day a bit of a blur? That can happen Life begins to accelerate away from you at an alarming rate How many times have you said things like ‘where did the week go?’ ‘How is it Monday again?’ If you’re not paying attention Life can slip by you and you’ll find yourself […]


No one is coming to save you

28th September 2017

Ironman Captain America Wonder woman These are all modern super heroes And I love a good super hero movie I love the quippiness of Ironman I love the geekiness of captain America And the power and confidence of Wonder Woman… But the mistake I made with admiring these super heroes Was waiting for one to […]

Challenge your direction

Heading toward disaster

27th September 2017

Every week I deliver a live coaching session to my members via Facebook live video I do this because I like to provide EXTRA help to my committed members And so that I can answer their questions and help them to build on their confidence each week! Here is what we covered yesterday: How to […]

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Have you lost your purpose?

26th September 2017

Do you have a purpose? A few years back I was lost I was confused about what I wanted I was always reaching out for more more more But I never really knew what I wanted So, I failed (in my own eyes) Over and over again My sense of self worth was at an […]


This is the scariest thing

25th September 2017

‘Nicola I feel like I will never get there, I don’t know how to even get started’ THIS is the scariest thing about trying to change things in your life You see, the approach that we take here at RF…. It’s not a hardcore BEAST MODE approach (its also not for softies) We make small […]


A special giveaway

24th September 2017

Did you know that I have a FREE podcast? It’s called The Daily Dish Because every day I dish the dirt on   HEALTH FITNESS HAPPINESS CONFIDENCE And WEIGHT LOSS   If you’ve been stuck with your weight loss Struggling for some time now And feeling alone, lacking the confidence to reach out to anyone….. […]


Who are you comparing to?

23rd September 2017

Who are you comparing to? Have you ever thought about how much our exposure to other people has changed? Back in the day (and yes, I am old enough to remember the days when we only had 5 TV channels) We had tv, magazines….and that was about it We had minimal exposure to other people […]


It’s a big myth

21st September 2017

You are not always going to feel amazing It’s a bit of a myth that when you are healthy and happy in your lifestyle That you should always bounce out of bed with bundles of energy That you should always feel elated and fantastic That you should always have motivation to make the best choice […]


I get things wrong ALL OF THE TIME

20th September 2017

It’s not as scary as you think Change is intimidating Right? I know myself and I hate change (you’re not the only one!) Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different It takes a really brave person to do that! The biggest barrier in changing your life Changing your reality Changing yourself (if […]