Saturday morning surprises

19th August 2017

You’re probably thinking Nicola, what on earth are you doing up at 6am on a Saturday emailing me Well I’ll let you in on a little secret Saturday is my day off So, I don’t even check my emails! You are getting an email because I think it’s important that I serve you with my […]


The doors are open for September 2017

18th August 2017

Today draws to a close the 12-week ladies’ transformation programme Which is sad news…… I’ve truly enjoyed helping these ladies move from feeling frustrated, fed up and confused about: Health Nutrition Fitness And how to lose weight without spiralling into a yo yo diet cycle Feeling uncertain, guilty and ashamed about food, and their bodies…. […]

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Janet’s obsession and her insights from 40 years of dieting

17th August 2017

Janet has been through the wringer completing diet after diet   Doing some really extreme stuff in the pursuit of weight loss!   She wanted to share her insights now…   Because she knows that now she has broken free from the diet cycle   It’s her responsibility to help others to see a different […]

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From the horses mouth

16th August 2017

Yesterday I shared the 12-week results of Joy Denning She absolutely nailed it and lost over 1 stone And inches came off from everywhere! Well done Joy! As part of our 90-day end of programme check in I ask my members to write a short letter to her younger self And a short letter from […]

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“Well done me!!”

15th August 2017

This is the email I got from a happy member yesterday A real pat on the back to herself (and deservedly so!) Results: weight: 72.3Kg – loss of 6.6 kg chest: loss of 3″ waist: loss of 3″ hips: loss of 3″ Thighs: loss of 2″ Arms: loss of 1″ “Well done me!!” “I feel I have […]


Same Jeans On

13th August 2017

I’ve got a challenge for you today….. Here goes… Identify these lyrics, and email me with the band and the song (don’t just copy and paste into google – I’ll know!) And you’ll win a really cool prize… ‘Life’s one big circle, and it does end When it ends will you still be my friend? […]

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Take a sneaky peak, go on, you know you want to

12th August 2017

It’s that time again That time where I entice you and invite you into our members area to discover the power behind LIVE video coaching I’d love for you to join us -> This is what we covered in today’s LIVE video chat: The NUMBER 1 reason that I insist that you schedule time […]

Winding road


11th August 2017

I am going to admit something to you now It’s something that I am not proud of really…. Here goes…… When I was younger I wanted an easy life I wanted everything to come to me with no work I wanted the results of a fantastic life Without doing bugger all to achieve it #guilty […]


What is your why?

10th August 2017

I called you out yesterday I called you a liar And I got a bunch of unsubscribes Which I expected But you’re still here because you are willing to face the truth (that’s awesome by the way!) You have been lying to yourself (and maybe to other people too) Can you imagine how your family […]


I think you’re a liar

9th August 2017

I think you’re a liar A mahusive problem in our society today is that our health does not seem to be a strong enough motivator to change We have the idea that we can fix things with operations, procedures And ultimately that makes us feel a bit invincible And we sacrifice health in the here […]