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Bina has something to tell you

31st August 2017

Bina is another perfect example of a busy mum who was suffering from her treatment of herself She was totally committed to her kids (a trait that I admire immensely!) But over the last 10 years she had let her own health, fitness and confidence slip away She wanted it back And she joined my […]

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Nicola Askins thinks you should give it a try

30th August 2017

Your greatest fear about health, fitness and weight loss is that YOU won’t get there That you won’t achieve what you want So I’m going to show you EVERY DAY this week that this is a story that you are telling yourself If you REALLY WANT IT, you can GET IT Let’s see example #1 […]

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The daily dish

29th August 2017

Have you been missing the last few episodes of the DAILY DISH My daily podcast that is helping the ladies of Leicester to reclaim their HEALTH HAPPINESS CONFIDENCE You’re in luck Every episode is linked up RIGHT HERE #1 I know why you’re here #2 the pit of despair #3 the  puzzle pieces #4 why […]

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Bank holiday Monday #motivation

28th August 2017

Bank holiday Monday #motivation If you have reached this end of summer Feeling like you have been hiding under your clothes again Hiding under your mask, pretending that you are ok Pretending that you didn’t really want to be in shape anyway NOW is the time to change something Don’t wait until next MAY or […]


You are not alone

27th August 2017

I ran out of mobile data for the first time ever today I hadn’t realised that I had been rinsing it on 4G for 3 days Whoops This is the kind of silly error that would have made me lose my sh*t back in the day I was so reactive So, on edge I don’t […]

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I’m a sucker

26th August 2017

I’m a sucker for doing the easy stuff Yes that’s right here is my confession I’m a sucker Because I often choose to take the easy path The path of avoidance Because to be honest….the other path looks harder The route more tricky The pitch, steeper And sometimes I want an easy life (And that’s […]

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Tickets are limited, don’t miss out

25th August 2017

It’s the bank holiday weekend Rain or shine….we always live it up for these weekends Shine would be nice, though right? Certainly, for me, as I’m spending 4 days on a canal barge in Wales Think of me as the heavens open ? Whatever you do this weekend Whether you are working Having fun with […]


You are asking too much

24th August 2017

How much do you ask of yourself? If you are anything like me…. You are the ear and shoulder for your family and friends You are the strong one You work hard You socialise hard And you take care of everyone else But what about you? What about your own self care? Do you have […]


Hump day

23rd August 2017

It’s hump day, did you know that Wednesday is semi-officially known as ‘hump day’?   Not for dirty reasons, get your mind out of the gutter…but because its mid week and we are usually starting to flag by now! Just waiting for the weekend where we can collapse, exhausted by the week and then start it […]


A disaster waiting to happen

21st August 2017

I spent yesterday afternoon with my gorgeous nephews Not having kids, myself I was reminded (again) of how each moment with them is a potential disaster waiting to happen Particularly on the park…. With blow up light sabres…. Anyway, there was only one set of tears in 2 hours (and that was me when they […]