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Weight loss became less and less important

25th March 2017

Yesterday I shared a testimonial with you I wanted to highlight something pretty important about Natasha’s experience Although she came to me for weight loss… During her experience, weight loss become less relevant and less important to her The things that become important to her over the 12 weeks became about MUCH MORE than just […]

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Have an experience like Natasha

24th March 2017

Hearing from me every day I hope provides you with some awesome content And gives you the kick up the bum that you need to get something started But sometimes it helps to hear a different voice Today you get to hear from Natasha Natasha has JUST been through my transformation programme Here is her […]

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A children’s fairy tale

23rd March 2017

A children’s fairy tale I went to watch Beauty and the Beast yesterday And I bet you’re thinking I’m going to go down the route of talking about inner beauty …. Well you’re in luck I’m changing the record today! I want to highlight the attitude of the villagers and their fear instead Their utter […]

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Stop stopping

22nd March 2017

Stop stopping Tonight is the night, the night to STOP stopping This is your last chance to get a seat at my seminar These seats are FREE And I will be sharing so much content and awesome stuff with you That you cannot fail to make a start with your weight loss I want to […]

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I’m a sucker for happy endings

21st March 2017

I made a big verbal mistake this week I was in the middle of giving someone a massage And we were having a chat about movies and tv shows And I said…. ‘I am a sucker for happy endings’ …. Now I don’t know what you know about massages and the rumoured goings on…. Especially […]

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My best friends wedding

18th March 2017

I’ve had a terrible week I’ve been poorly and utterly under the weather since Sunday It’s a pretty important week for me My best friend gets married today So, while my health and wellbeing are the primary reasons to focus on some me time and recover my health this week There was extra incentive to […]


Don’t allow other people to have power over your progress

17th March 2017

Don’t allow other people to have power over your progress This week I got a pretty crappy letter from a friend And it took my breath away for a while Until I realised that I was letting my ego get in the way of things If I just looked at the facts, without attaching any […]

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What did you miss this week?

16th March 2017

What did you miss this week? If you’re not a part of my members’ area yet This is what you missed from my weekly members only coaching My unfettered opinion on health and fitness trackers The pros and cons of the most popular trackers on the market right now The role of accountability in your […]


65 years and counting

15th March 2017

Today is the 65th anniversary of my grandparents wedding Can you imagine being married for 65 years? Can you imagine doing anything for 65 years? I arranged for a telegram from the queen for them, so they should be getting that this morning Although I’m not sure what the modern-day equivalent is…an email??? I wanted […]

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Are you letting yourself down?

14th March 2017

Are you feeling angry and let down? I want to give you a thought for the day That anger is the outfit that your pain wears in public When you are in pain It often manifests as frustration and anger, am I right? The question is…. Who is your frustration, your anger targeted at? Yourself? […]