Do you ever feel like breaking down?

28th February 2017

Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don’t belong And no one understands you   Do you ever want to run away? Do you lock yourself in your room? With the radio on turned up so loud That no one hears you screaming   […]


Are you just jealous?

27th February 2017

Are you just jealous? It’s a bitter pill to swallow And I’ve had to swallow a whole bottle full of these pills over my lifetime I used to be a judgemental so and so And I used to think the world was conspiring against me When I look back at how I was I have […]

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A life less ordinary

26th February 2017

Yesterday I spoke about getting distracted It’s incredibly easy to procrastinate To allow yourself to become distracted When you don’t love what you do There are LOADS of ways to design your life Almost infinite numbers of methods, and variations And yet you are stuck hating your life Hating your body Hating what you do? […]


I was so far out of my comfort zone

24th February 2017

I was so far out of my comfort zone Yesterday I had a makeup trial I am to be a bridesmaid for my best friend in a few weeks And contrary to my normal beanie hat and no make up look…. I have to have pretty hair and wear a face of make up on […]


10000 steps a day is a pointless goal

23rd February 2017

10000 steps a day is a pointless goal Says this American scientist… I happen to disagree with him Having worked with ladies who want to lose weight Having seen the results that we can get when we introduce and increase walking and general daily movement… It is my belief that aiming for 10000 steps […]

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Yesterday I gave my members a good talking to

22nd February 2017

Yesterday I gave my members a good talking to We do this every week actually I deliver a live coaching call to my members And they get the chance to ask questions and a dose of weekly motivation to keep the internal fire burning Here is a summary of what this week’s coaching call contained […]

Winding road

I am only human after all

21st February 2017

There is nothing quite like hearing people say nice things about you I am only human after all (despite what you might think about personal trainers) And its lovely to receive good feedback and to know that I am doing right by the ladies that I work with I genuinely did get into this PT […]


50 shades darker

20th February 2017

50 shades darker Time to admit to a little naughtiness I went to see the new 50 shades of Grey movie over the weekend And we can learn a really big lesson from it And it’s not what you think Get your mind out of the gutter! ;-) Christian Grey is a control freak He […]


Why ‘just do it’ is utter bullsh*t

18th February 2017

Why ‘just do it’ is utter bullsh*t That slogan that Nike bandy around Is also bandied around by newer personal trainers It’s the approach of the young, untroubled PT who has no life experience And has never struggled I commend anyone who is working as a PT because it means they are trying to help […]

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“It’s kinda obvious.. but”

16th February 2017

“It’s kinda obvious.. but” Consider that the longer you put off doing and avoiding the required work… you’re also putting off and avoiding the results you say you want….. I speak to ladies just like you all of the time The story is always the same You want to change But something is holding you […]