Challenge your direction

This is literally your last chance

31st January 2017

This is literally your last chance Your last chance to get in on my free 7 day trial What are you doing here if you are not prepared to take advantage of free coaching? If you’ve been hanging around here for a while Reading, contemplating… What is it going to take for you to take […]

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Girls lose faith in themselves by age 6

30th January 2017

Did you hear about this? It was in the news this week I can well believe it actually I specialise in working with women who have lost their confidence And some of the stories that I hear about HOW they lost their confidence are simply astounding I bet you have your own story too Your […]

bowl of food

No wonder you are confused

29th January 2017

There is another battle going on in the fitness industry about food choices This is one in the long war that has been raging between personal trainers and coaches to provide the best content and ultimately sell you their wares Have you heard of Joe Wicks? He is known as ‘the body coach’ I’ve not […]

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RIP Naima Houder-Mohammed

28th January 2017

Did you see in the news this week…. The chappie who designed the diet made popular by Kate Hudson is facing up to 3 years in prison A young woman tragically lost her life after following his diet treatment protocol I don’t need to tell you my stance on dieting If you have been following […]

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The deadly duo

27th January 2017

The deadly duo Don’t put these 2 things together! Reliance on WILLPOWER Happiness dependant on PROGRESS Imagine how you would feel if you were constantly battling your urges Working your butt off to lose some weight But not getting ANYWHERE FAST You’d feel absolutely pants I know I would We humans are happiest when we […]

swings, happiness, purpose

But what about you?

23rd January 2017

You’re a mum? You’re sister? You’re a wife? You’re a partner? You’re a daughter? You’re a friend? You’re a colleague? You’re a shoulder to cry on? How many hats are you wearing? How many people are you taking care of in your life? I bet you work your socks off to keep everyone happy It […]

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Dropping the ball

22nd January 2017

Dropping the ball Have you ever been to the circus? When I was a kid I was fascinated with juggling and plate spinning and the Diablo My parents bought us all the stuff and we practised for hours in the garden I never got the hang of juggling Still to this day it remains a […]

Winding road

I missed the point completely

21st January 2017

For some reason this week I started thinking about the way I used to be when I was a kid I used to be obsessed with winning I hated to lose And I hated to get things wrong Looking back I was just absolutely desperate for attention I wanted that glory, the congratulations, and the […]

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I used to be a hoarder

20th January 2017

I used to be a hoarder Come on now, admit it We all hoard bits and bobs, right? I used to collect shot glasses (I don’t even drink – go figure) I used to collect medals for triathlon, because I though it made me more impressive And I used to collect knowledge, because I thought […]


That crushing realisation

19th January 2017

That crushing realisation I went to see a sports injury therapist about 10 days ago He did an awesome job on me Taped me up and gave me some work to do on my shoulder, wrist and elbow 7 days went by I did the work But I felt weak And it felt painful And […]