The brain games part II

20th November 2016

The brain games Part 2 Did you know that your beliefs are pretty concrete by the age of 7-8? Think about this Especially if you have children right now…. What are you teaching them? Kids pick up all sorts of stuff that we don’t even realise From family, friends, teachers, peers, tv…. But we can […]


Survival of the fittest – the brain games

19th November 2016

Survival of the fittest Did you know that your brain has one primary objective? To survive…. Do you know what this really means? …. It means that you brain will be content to keep your body overweight Simply because you are alive And that is better than dead – so says the brain (and me!) […]


Can you handle a little discomfort?

18th November 2016

Time to get uncomfortable It’s easy to remain in your comfort zone It’s one of those imaginary places that your brain concocts Like that wagon you’re always falling off.. The brain is funny that way Always giving you something else to blame Instead of looking honestly at what is really going on And WHY you […]


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to change?

17th November 2016

I made a big mistake this week I’ve been getting back into coffee recently now that the cold weather is rolling in I stick exclusively to decaf simply because I prefer the taste! My favourite coffee was on offer this week in Waitrose So I chucked two bags in the trolley and went on with […]

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I sacked a client

16th November 2016

I sacked a client Last month I fired a client I don’t do this often at all But in this case it was necessary. I’d been working with her for about 6 months And despite my best efforts She just wasn’t making any progress… She was simply not prepared to put her health first and […]

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Hey how are you doing?

15th November 2016

Hey how are you doing? I am sitting here just wondering how you are doing Like really… How are you feeling? I want you to be honest with me (and yourself) Are you happy? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Does your confidence radiate out of you? Or are you hiding […]


Happy Birthday to meeeee

14th November 2016

Happy Birthday to meeeee Today is my birthday And to celebrate in style I wanted to give you a gift I know I know It’s not the way it’s normally done But I delight in doing things differently And I certainly delight in giving you a gift to help you take action on your health […]


A sneak peek behind the curtain

13th November 2016

Do you want an insight into one of the many bonuses that my lovely ladies get access to Every week I do a LIVE coaching call Where ALL of the people I work with get the chance to get EXTRA access to me To ask live questions and learn more about how to lose weight […]

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Don’t fear change

12th November 2016

“Arrogance and fear prevent you from learning the greatest lesson.” “The Ancient One” This is the final quote from Dr Strange I promise you And if you haven’t already been to see the movie Its fab – highly recommended! This quote is highly relevant to me And I’m pretty sure its relevant to you too […]

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One for sorrow

11th November 2016

“That ritual will only bring you sorrow.”- The Ancient One The ancient one is a character in Dr Strange who has all the wisdom that an immortal can have Perspective and hindsight of course are par for the course This email might hit you a little hard And I don’t intend to hurt your feelings […]