Go on, treat yourself

30th November 2016

When we reach a milestone.. Perhaps we lose ½ stone Perhaps we run 5km Perhaps we are able to get up the stairs without getting out of breath! Whatever your goal… When you start getting fitter and healthier You often feel like celebrating the achievement And I totally recommend that… But I think there are […]

Brick wall

It’s easy to make yourself feel tall, by pulling others down

29th November 2016

I was on the train on Saturday night And I overheard a conversation a few girls were having They were tipsy and loud and going through their facebook Seemingly with the purpose of coming up with something cruel to say about everyone they knew It was not pleasant listening and if possessed ear buds, I […]

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We don’t always know what is going on under the surface

28th November 2016

Have you ever felt exhausted despite actually having a good night’s sleep? The body doesn’t always make total sense You can do everything right and still feel crappy And you can do everything wrong and feel fab But This is where being savvy And listening to your body really pays dividends! When ladies come to […]

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You don’t have to make sacrifices to change

27th November 2016

You don’t have to make sacrifices to change I think a lot of what keeps people stuck Perhaps what is keeping you stuck Is the perception that it will be too hard… Too much effort Too many sacrifices And this I strongly believe comes from the dieting community Where dieters are encouraged to make sacrifices […]


Shades of grey

26th November 2016

Everything in fitness is about the shades of grey It is never black nor white I get asked a lot of questions What is better, this or that Is swimming better than yoga Is chicken better than turkey Is dark chocolate healthier than milk chocolate Is low fat cheese better than full fat cheese The […]


Staying true to you

25th November 2016

Staying true to you When trying to make a change It is too easy to look to others for motivation For the WHAT and the WHY You are unique What works for me, won’t have the same effects for you And what motivates you Will be different for me You need to choose your WHAT […]


If you have been stuck in a rut for years

24th November 2016

WARNING WARNING Potential to offend coming up today If you feel offended or hurt by anything I say Just ask yourself the question Is she right? Usually things hit a nerve because we think they are true And uncomfortably true ….. However if you feel like I am being too direct If you don’t feel […]

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It really was fantastic

23rd November 2016

If you have been itching to go and see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Find The Time It’s truly fantastic My favourite bit (don’t worry, no spoilers) was probably Eddie Redmayne Aka Newt Scamander Offering his hind quarters to a rhinoceros type magical creature And completing the first part of the magical mating ritual […]

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The queen eats first

22nd November 2016

The queen eats first You might have noticed that my email has popped into your inbox a little later than normal The last week has been kind of hectic Birthday celebrations spread out over 7 days… (not much to moan about eh)… Left me with little time to spare and I fell behind I didn’t […]

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Stop living in the future – The brain games part III

21st November 2016

Stop living in the future The brain games – part III This is a toughie to get your head around Because we have so strongly engrained our future selves into ourselves But if the ideal version of yourself lives in the future Then misery lives with you today It comes down to being happy with […]