‘I want candy’ – Don’t deny yourself a spooky treat

31st October 2016

I used to find Halloween a little challenging Not because I am a big scaredy cat (although I am scared of the dark!) In a similar way to Easter and Christmas …. There is a lot of temptation around The Halloween candy The trick or treat sweets We always buy far too much and it […]

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If you can’t bring yourself to change

30th October 2016

I spoke yesterday about beginning the climb of your own personal mountain And I get it, sometimes the motivation is not there to do it for yourself It should be…. But even I am not immune to the concept of apathy In fact, the more I learn about health, the more I consider whether making […]


Ain’t no mountain high enough

29th October 2016

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a local awards evening The awards were for a kid’s section of a club that I am involved in I got to see the next generation of athletes being rewarded for their hard work and achievements It was truly inspiring And it got me thinking These kids […]


Recharging over the weekend

28th October 2016

It’s Friiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyy Do you look at your weekend like a life-raft? Let me explain… When I used to work in an office, I used to look to my weekend as a means of recovering from my exhausting week I was over working Over training And over stressing about everything I never took time for myself […]

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Listen to your body

26th October 2016

Listen to your body Are you in tune with how you feel? Over the last couple of years I’ve become increasingly tuned in to my body And it’s made a world of difference These days I usually feel pretty good But occasionally Particularly if I’ve had a late night out I suffer immensely And it […]


Simple will always be the best

25th October 2016

Simple will always be the best I attended a stag do on Friday night Yes I know I am female – not a stag But the stag did point out that we were all his friends and he didn’t want to leave anyone out Fair enough! As far as stag do’s go it was fairly […]

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You’ll deflate like a soggy water balloon

24th October 2016

I was having a chat with one of my lovely ladies this week She has made some amazing progress over the last 2 months But in the last week or two she has hit a bit of a plateau (bearing in mind that weight loss is not a linear predictable process anyway) So, we sat […]

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We cannot rely on will power

23rd October 2016

Have you ever berated yourself for not having enough will power? I used to do this all of the time I would make lists of foods that I was banned from eating Cake Chocolate Crisps Cookie Ice cream I was so desperate to be slimmer So desperate to lose weight and that was the only […]

Accomplishing the puzzle of weight loss

22nd October 2016

I watched my one year old nephew trying to fit a pig shaped puzzle piece into a pig shaped hole He struggled for a few minutes, but he didn’t give up When he got it in… He looked up at me and smiled like he was the cleverest little chappy ever to be! Of course […]


Are you obsessed?

21st October 2016

Are you obsessed? It’s very easy to become obsessed with making a change When you discover fitness trackers Calorie counters Step counters Sleep trackers Food diaries These are incredibly useful tools for collecting information I certainly use them all to varying degrees with the individuals that I work with But I don’t encourage long term […]