Don’t over think it!

30th September 2016

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by a decision? Perhaps you signed yourself up for something and once the day came closer and closer it seemed more and more intimidating? That happened to me yesterday I committed myself to taking care of my 1 year old nephew for an entire day 8am – 430pm I’ve […]


Find your happiness, get your weight loss

29th September 2016

Do you do enough to ensure your happiness? When was the last time that you did something crazy that made your tummy flip? That made you totally happy and squishy inside? It was Elliot’s birthday on Sunday so I took him to Derbyshire for a day of walking, climbing and abseiling It was a beautiful […]

core work

Have you tried everything?

28th September 2016

I had a fascinating chat with a prospective client the other day This lady was desperate to lose weight! I can tell she had tried EVERYTHING before…. She has done diets, more diets, exercise programmes, she has had a trainer before And yet she is back to square one Again All of that effort All […]


Lessons from a vampire

27th September 2016

I’ve got a rather odd comparison for you today But do hang in there and you’ll hopefully understand where I am coming from One of my guilty pleasures is watching a TV series called the Vampire Diaries (yeah yeah, I know I’m a loser!) One of the Vampires, Stephan, is a blood junkie He cannot […]

Endorphins rush from training

Do you fancy a challenge?

26th September 2016

Do you fancy a challenge? I wanted to invite you to join in with my members’ challenge All of my clients get the opportunity to join my exclusive members only forum FOR LIFE This is a tremendous bonus because you get my support FOR LIFE Even if you only hire my services for a short […]

Check, tick list

Take 10 minutes this Sunday

25th September 2016

Sunday is a fab day to really take stock of your week and make plans If you’ve had one of those weeks where you feel frustrated that you didn’t eat well Fed up that you didn’t make your gym session Confused about the latest celebrity diet And at a loss as to how you’re going […]


Protein cookie club

24th September 2016

Recently I introduced a new feature to my ladies’ transformation course It’s called the protein cookie club And it’s great! Every week one of the ladies is nominated to find and prepare a protein or energy based recipe The rules are Make it as simple as possible Make it tasty Bring extra’s for me! So […]


‘I wish I had had the courage to live a life true to myself’

23rd September 2016

I have been reading a great book lately called THE TOP 5 REGRETS OF THE DYING Sounds a little morbid but it has some fantastic lessons in there And I think you might find them useful So I’ll share! Regret 1: ‘I wish I had had the courage to live a life true to myself […]


Dealing with the overwhelm

22nd September 2016

I was having a chat the other day with my partner in crime Elliot He has just signed up to a uni course and he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work he has to do I found myself saying almost exactly the same thing that i say at work every single day […]


You only have to make one change

21st September 2016

When you think about changing your lifestyle Losing weight or Getting fit It can be pretty daunting right? I know that the prospect of starting in the gym Going down different aisles in the supermarket Thinking more about your choices Being more mindful and navigating the opinions and ideas of others in your life And […]