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Working outside the rules

31st August 2016

Living by a code Have you ever seen the TV show Dexter? It’s pretty great It’s about this psychopath serial killer vigilante But he only kills bad people who murder innocents He lives by a code that was taught to him by his father The code is designed to keep Dexter alive and safe and […]


The aqua park: best thing I’ve done all year!

30th August 2016

How are you today? Recovering from the bank holiday antics? I am pretty knackered today, and I totally didn’t expect this Yesterday we went to the aqua park at Rutland Water… It’s this crazy set of inflatable obstacles in the middle of the lake Slides Climbing Hanging See-saws Trampolines Swimming Splashing It was a bunch […]

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Bank holiday opportunity

29th August 2016

Bank holiday opportunity Not much from me today I wanted you to hear about my latest course from one of the ladies who completed it If you’re thinking about joining my next intake is starting now Listen to what Nisha has to say and if you think it sounds familiar If her story resonates with […]

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A peek inside the private members only club

28th August 2016

Every week in my private members only support forum I broadcast live giving everyone in my online community the chance to ask live questions and get direct no nonsense answers Since I’ve been doing this it’s been a great hit My members get more face time with me (they just love that ;-) ) They […]

Domino effect

I woke up with no motivation

26th August 2016

I woke up with no motivation This happened to me the other day Once I’ve had a shower I’m usually good to go and feel pretty stoked to get on with my day and live my life But occasionally I wake up with zero motivation Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing much at all, […]

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Are you an all or nothing kind of person?

25th August 2016

Are you an all or nothing kind of person? I love a good TV series At the moment we’re really into The Originals Have you heard of it? It’s about vampires, werewolves and witches And it’s pretty gruesome with some great character development thrown in too! Anyhow, Elliot and I probably watch 1-2 of an […]

Challenge your direction

You have choices

24th August 2016

Following on from yesterday’s email about the Olympics It got me thinking about what happens next? These athletes have to consider whether they are willing to put in another 4 years slog to compete again The great Usain Bolt has hung up his Olympic slippers Arguably one of the greatest Olympians of all time And […]


You don’t need a perfect day

23rd August 2016

We’re you utterly gripped by the Olympics like I was? It’s not the winning that makes feel compelled to watch It’s the utter dedication that these athletes have day in day out to reach their goals They train in 4 year cycles to compete at the Olympics But most of them have probably been training […]


Out of the ordinary

22nd August 2016

I love to discover new things And I love to share them with you in my never ending pursuit to expose you to new and exciting things that you can do and experience to improve your health, happiness and confidence This is very out of the ordinary Which is absolutely my cup of tea I […]


What can you expect?

21st August 2016

Yesterday my email was all about the things that you can do for free to get the results that you want I want to make it clear however I do understand that money is an important consideration It’s usually the first thing we look at especially when we have husbands and kids to consider So […]