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Did you achieve anything this month?

31st July 2016

It’s the end of the month Another month gone just like that Did you take action on anything this month? Did you want to change something about your body, your lifestyle? If you didn’t take action? Why not? I email you every day with useful actionable guidance…what is stopping you from taking action and clicking […]


It only takes 164 hours

30th July 2016

How hard do you find it to brush your teeth? It’s pretty easy right, you do it every day? That’s because it’s a habit that you created when you were young. Making your bed, that’s another habit that you do every morning (I hope) Turning the radio on in the car – another habit Making […]


I will not tell you what you want to hear

29th July 2016

Another blog about my dear old mum She suffers from bilateral osteoarthritis Which is a fancy way of saying that she has inflammation and pain in her knees and hips on both sides She has been pursuing an anti inflammatory lifestyle by making some small changes to her nutrition, adding in walnuts, almonds, and some […]


You can’t be a good coach, you have a coach  

28th July 2016

I heard this from a prospect the other day We were chatting about personal training (shocking I know) And when she found out that I hire a coach to help me She was no longer interested in hiring my services Do you think that’s odd? I certainly do Let me list some of the benefits […]


If you only ever read one of my blogs, read this one!

27th July 2016

Yesterday I promised a stonker of an email And I’m not going to disappoint I am going to share with you my own personal journey now How messed up my own mindset was And why I found it so hard to change It’s pretty embarrassing how long it took me to understand this very simple […]


Are you looking slimmer?

26th July 2016

One of my clients said this to me on Friday Then she followed it up with: ‘Maybe it’s because you aren’t wearing like 5 coats’ She is not wrong Up until last week I was still layering up on my clothes I am a cold blooded being and I really struggle with my core temperature […]


Pokémon GO AWAY   

25th July 2016

Are your kids obsessed with Pokémon Go? I don’t have kids I just have one boyfriend who behaves like a giant kid ;-) This email isn’t going to go in the direction that you think I bet! Yes I am frustrated with the amount of time he is spending on the game But it’s getting […]

Challenge your direction

When the pain of staying the same, exceeds the pain of change

24th July 2016

Are you content to stay the same? Being a little overweight is not a death sentence Being obese IS linked with mortality But having a little excess podge is not necessarily a giant problem I am not in perfect shape I have 3 injuries that prevent me from working out hard And I love love […]

Strategy, coaching phone call

If I fail you, you can have your money back

23rd July 2016

The other day I talked to you about change And how hard it is I’m not trying to put you off from changing I’m simply telling you the truth I see lots of programmes and diets that don’t tell the truth They make it seem like changing your habits is just easy —- ITS NOT! […]


I can’t give you a magic pill to change

22nd July 2016

Its week 1 of the latest transformation course The ladies are starting to make some changes in their lifestyles The thing is…. this course is not a magic pill It’s a process It’s an education It’s an experience Without your input Without your efforts Without a level of sacrifice on your part There will be […]