Getting stuck on the treadmilll

20th June 2016

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels but getting nowhere fast? This is what life can feel like when you are going at 1000 miles per hour School runs After school clubs Making lunches Making 3 different dinners for the family Getting to the gym Working Finding time to see friends and family […]

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I think I broke my toe

18th June 2016

  I know you enjoy the occasional personal story on here Particularly if it shows the human side of me Personal trainers can appear to be quite intimidating We preach about nutrition and training a lot We talk about health and lifestyle And it can give the impression that we are impervious to struggles And […]


I bet you are a mean girl

17th June 2016

When I was at school there were a bunch of mean girls Kind of like the movie, have you seen it? The stunning thing about mean girls is that they are the most insecure They call others ugly to make themselves feel beautiful They call others stupid to make themselves feel smart They are cruel […]


The worst PT client ever

The worst PT client ever As you know I coach ladies to lose weight in a one on one environment and in small groups I don’t have a preference really It can be really nice to get to know someone when you spend hours with them But small group training has that team atmosphere going […]


I learned to be helpless and hopeless

16th June 2016

Have you ever heard about the theory of learned helplessness? Basically we can convince ourselves through experience and repetition that we are useless! And that we will never reach our goals… So that body that we want That lifestyle that we crave where we feel confident and free and happy… We can teach ourselves to […]

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Sick and tired of hearing my voice?

15th June 2016

I imagine you sometimes get sick and tired of hearing from me So today I wanted to share some other voices with you Some of my brave ladies went on camera talking about their experiences What they have changed How they felt before And how they feel now What their goals and targets are And […]


The problem with ‘starting on Monday ’

14th June 2016

Have you ever uttered the words ‘I’m starting on Monday’ ‘I’m starting my diet on Monday’ as you sink your teeth into a piece of your favourite cake? ‘I’m starting my training plan on Monday’ as you tuck into a take away whilst binge watching Netflix? ‘I’ll change on Monday’ as you repeat the same […]


How would you react?

13th June 2016

Disaster struck at RF towers on Friday With the downpour of the entire sky our gym became submerged under water Half of the gym floor was covered in water – not ideal for training in! When disaster strikes in your life How do you react? The best advice I’ve ever been given is to consider […]

Get the body that you deserve

Body image obsessed

12th June 2016

Do you ever look back at photos from a year ago and think about how you felt back then? I was going through this with a client the other day I wanted to learn more about her life I find that this process makes it easier for me to help them But it also highlights […]


Your 30 days are up

11th June 2016

This week saw the end of my 30 day food challenge I challenged my clients to eat as many different foods as they could in 30 days I also took part and it taught me some really good lessons that I’d like to share with you I only eat about 40 different foods week to […]